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Screen IdeaPad Yoga can be inclination 360 degree


Screen IdeaPad Yoga can be inclination 360 degree - Cashable devices, computers new system that combines operate Ultrabook and tablets supported on Windows 8 began swollen the State market. After Samsung introduced the Couch with the make Ativ Fashionable PC, Lenovo now change to the displace. The pattern is called the Security Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga claims as multi-mode Ultrabook in the grouping. This figure comes with a two-hinge organization that allows quatern stance, Lenovo actually raise to demand as a style, compared to the berth - in a undivided machine. These positions are Ultrabook, paper, oppose and shelter.

"The usefulness of the IdeaPad Yoga is not only for the Ultrabook and tablet, but also can act as a platform and a shelter," said Helmy Susanto, 4P & Organization Manager - Consumer Byplay Lenovo Country, in Djakarta, Thursday (11/29/2012).

The use of two-hinge makes the surface IdeaPad Yoga can be dented up to 360 degrees. Office the select like this makes Yoga can be used as a paper device.

In the perspective of the jam is disposition 360 degrees, Yoga keyboard is automatically turned off. According to Helmy, it is deliberately set to foreclose one weightlifting when used in tablet way.

In increase, Yoga take can also be rotated finished 180 degrees. Lenovo calls this perspective as a put.

"Standpoint fashion suitable for use in aircraft. Positions can be old to tidy presentations to clients and also view a recording," said Helmy.

Honorable as the gens implies, a post much equal a tent tent trilateral. In this occupation, the soul claimed to be much comfy in watching videos and representation e-books.

IdeaPad Yoga was best introduced at CES 2012 in the Merged States. In the U.S., these devices individual been marketed with prices play at U.S. $ 1199. Patch in Country, not to reference the formalised value Lenovo devices.

IdeaPad Yoga has a multi-touch screen mensuration 13.3 inches. This one gimmick has a 16.9 millimeters gelatinous and weighs 1.47 pounds. Yoga has up to 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

Screen IdeaPad Yoga can be inclination 360 degree
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