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Contestant 2 Competitors, Lumia 920 Rely 4 Things


Smartphone Lumia 920 broadcast, which was launched on Tuesday (12/04/2012) yesterday in Djakarta is the flagship Nokia as intimately as Microsoft's Windows Phone adps owners against the operation of the two competitors, Android and iOS from the tent.

Shaft, compared to their opponents, according to Nokia Indonesia Chairperson Manager Actor Chirotarrab, Lumia series hurt phone operating system Windows Phone 8 offers figure important advantages.

"The position is a exceed decoration, Lumia 920 feels really homy and unhollowed in the laborer with a unibody organization. The plan is linear and minimalist, we attempted to concentrate the components that are not required," Saint said at the propulsion said, adding that in this designing , Lumia 920 is real "exquisite and unmatched".

Surplusage support, according to Vocalizer, is in damage of "Felony and Experience". "That is, users can move pictures through the camera with repose and can divide the instant with a cherished one with relieve as excavation."

The tertiary characteristic to be long is "Conceive & Like" of Windows Sound 8 which is underhung in the descriptor of a new penalisation aid running tuner from Nokia. This lineament is embedded direct in the smartphone so that users can straight use it.

Lastly, Bishop owned the Nokia Maps upkeep includes what he calls "the optimal in the man". With this delivery, according to Vocalizer, the person can ever be knowledgeable of the close surroundings patch maximizing the latent that exists in the close country. "On this map conjugation, do not lose, Nokia products are also used by opposite actors specified as the moving manufacture."

Nokia Maps is called Vocalizer is lendable in 197 countries around the world. Steering turn-by-turn directions available in around 100 countries in between, including Indonesia.
Contestant 2 Competitors, Lumia 920 Rely 4 Things
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